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What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

A CLNC (Certified Legal Nurse Consultant) is a registered nurse who uses his or her expertise and accumulated experience as a health care provider, along with specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases. Legal nurse consultants work with attorneys using their nursing and healthcare system knowledge to augment the litigation team's case research.

While a paralegal assists the attorney in the delivery of legal services, a legal nurse consultant is first and foremost a practitioner of nursing. He or she utilizes the medical experience and expertise acquired as a healthcare professional to consult with and educate attorney clients on specific medical and nursing issues within their cases.

The CLNC nurse can also interface and consult with a wide range of organizations including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other medical-related organizations. A legal nurse consultant bridges that gap in the attorney's knowledge. A legal nurse consultant is the expert regarding the healthcare system and its inner workings. The attorney is the expert on legal issues; and working together they make an even stronger team for winning legal cases with medical issues.

... And why would you need one?

Because the Devil's in the details...
Legal Nurse Consultant working on legal documents

Hospital charts contain thousands of bits of complex data that ultimately must be organized, time-lined, clarified and distilled to fit your overall case analysis. Legal nurse consultants research with the most current literature and up-to-date standards of care and, while a paralegal could do the same work researching and writing the associated evaluation reports, a legal nurse consultant brings her expertise and knowledge of healthcare system intricacies and nuances to the table.

A legal assistant might not be aware of the latest healthcare issues or completely understand their subtleties; and more importantly, how they apply and will likely influence your case at hand.The legal nurse consultant acts as a specialized member of the litigation team whose professional contributions are often critical to achieving a fair and just outcome for all parties.

The saying goes that the "Devil is in the Details" and in our experience, those details can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our legal nurse consultants stay focused on the essence of the case among a mass of records and information that can easily lead a less trained researcher astray. The ability to ferret out that one tiny "smoking gun" detail that makes the case is a quality that sets our legal nurse consultants apart. We have a firm policy that no work product is released and pronounced complete until it meets with our standards of work products defined by Legal Nurse Services NW.

We guarantee a quality product every time.