Advanced Evaluation & Reporting Services

We can transform your disparate medical data into coherent case-ready reports.

Make Your Case with Our Reports

Reports are at the heart of organizing large data groups - and understanding them. In short, reports turn raw data into information upon which decisions can be reliably made.

An RN already knows how to review medical records. They do this every day of their working career. A CLNC applies years of organizing, interpreting, and analyzing medical data into a concise, easy to understand report that will help in your study and case development.

As part of the medical records review, our legal nurse consultants will develop a timeline and chronology. In addition, the chronology timeline of events leading up to and after the issue involved are included. This is part of coordinating and organizing the medical data into a logical, succinct, easy to read format.

We will also provide list of standards of care and how they apply to the case theme. These are industry standards and are well documented throughout medical literature. Standards of care are periodically reviewed, updated and then adopted by groups, healthcare providers and other applicable organizations. They would be discussed in regard to adherence to and deviation from the documented care received.

Reports We Create For You

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We screen cases for merit after a thorough examination of records. The screening looks at the 4 elements of a case: duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. This report can be from 3 to 5 pages long.


This type of report will go into more depth, discussing the standards of care and their relation to the 4 elements needed to litigate the case. Brief reports offer a review of the pertinent literature. Research will be provided that is appropriate to your case, relevant and in easy to understand terms. We interpret all the medical jargon for easy understanding and study.


This report can be up to 30 pages. A comprehensive report will examine the case in great detail relating the standards of care with the elements of law. This type of report typically includes a chronology or timeline of significant events. This report is built on a comprehensive search of the germane medical literature to assist you in establishing your case. Depending on the path your case might take, this report can prove, defend, your case parameters and assist you with the legal tenets to achieve your desired outcome.