How We Work For Our Attorney Clients

From the moment a case comes across your desk, one of our legal nurse consultants on your team puts one of the most powerful tools available to organize and interpret the medical aspects of your case. While attorneys are experts in the legal system, our nurses are specialists in the medical healthcare system.

Typically, we start by first screening a case for merit, which involves systematic organization and review of the medical records. This stage is so important that, in many cases, we are often asked to arrange, paginate, and archive the voluminous medical records, as well as flagging key details salient to your case.

This would include a Screening Report, listing the strengths and weaknesses of the case, as well as recommendations for any supplemental medical records that would lend additional support to your case. When requested, we could also perform a more in-depth report, along with supporting research and references.

During the process of organizing and researching your case, your legal nurse consultant is in regular communication, to notify you of our findings and consult with you as to how you would like to best present the theme and direction of your case.

We Would Like to Work With You...

Working together we can assist you in winning your cases and save you money!
How our certified legal nurse consultants work for our attorney clients at Legal Nurse Services NWOur Legal Nurse Consultants are trained Registered Nurses with an intimate knowledge of the intricacies and inner workings of the medical community, as well as trained in the basic legal tenets pertaining to any case involving medical issues.

Our company draws from a national pool of over 4,000 RNs that we can put to work on your behalf. We can help draft interrogatories, attend medical exams (as observer) and - one of our most used services - locate the right testifying expert witness for your purposes.

Our RN testifying experts (TE) charge considerably less than the MD expert witnesses. A Registered Nurse expert witness has close relationship and hands on experience in interpreting medical care received. An MD writes orders, provides an overview and applies his knowledge to medical-disease oriented outcomes. Our TEs focus on the details, hands-on issues and also evaluates whether or not the applicable Standards of Care have been met. All our TEs are skilled at putting complex expert testimony into language that a jury can easily understand.

Our company charges an hourly fee of $150.00. We take a retainer at the beginning of each case when we begin working on your case. There is a minimum start up retainer of $750.00. You will receive a monthly statement to let you know how your retainer fee is being applied to your case.

While expert witnesses and physician work products are discoverable, our Legal Nurse Consultants work product and all accompanying notes are confidential.