Medical chart review services for attorneys from certified legal nurse at Legal Nurse Services NW helps win legal cases

Medical Records Tell The Story - If, You Know How to Interpret Them


Successfully win your next legal case with the help of our expert medical professionals. At Legal Nurse Services NW we offer detailed medical chart reviews for attorneys. Our analyses are designed to examine every fraction of a medical record. With us on your team, you will have complete understanding of any medical record.

From the moment a medical/legal case comes across your desk, the legal nurse consultant can be a valuable asset. An RN already knows how to review medical records. RNs do this every day of their working career. A CLNC applies years of organizing, interpreting, and analyzing medical data into a concise, easy to understand archive that will help in your study and case development.

We Provide Full Medical Records Management

Get attention to details required for your cases

Medical records management from certified legal nurse helps lawyers win medical legal cases Our legal nurse consultants utilize their expertise when reviewing stacks of medical records, and then combine that with an ability to communicate their findings efficiently and effectively. During this all-important organization process, they will examine medical records for tampering, prepare chronologies of the involved medical events, identify important missing medical records and recommendations for request for production and determine standards of care relevant to the case.

Typically, records need to be organized, paginated and time-lined. There are many Legal Nurse NW clients who have us organize, paginate, tabulate, index and archive case medical records to fit their specific needs. Each legal/medical case is customized to the attorney/client’s requirements. When finished, the records are collected and stored using museum-grade archival materials and practices.

Along with with a well-developed report, also organized for quick, easy data access, your medical research is spot on and ready to go.